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    I love my Hustler (Motus) Toplink!

    Hi Hustler! (Motus)

    Probably the simplest unit you produce, but by far our most productive piece of equipment – our Hustler Hydraulic top-links. They’re so effective it is the FIRST item on the list when purchasing each new tractor as we expand.

    The unit shown has seen active duty of more than 10,000 hours and it works continuously, either actively or floating, and has never required servicing.

    From a health and safety perspective too, the Hustler Top-Link enables effortless changeover of implements – (it’s the first-on connection and the last-off) – meaning any size/strength operator can fit any implement, using the Hustler as the muscle to complete the fine manoeuvring required for 3-point linkage hook-up of heavy implements.

    I thought long and hard about submitting this photo, as I feel our Hustler Top-Link is our “secret efficiency weapon”, giving us a huge edge on equipment performance over competitors.

    Feel welcome to use my comments  and the photo – our Hustler Top Links are our primary competitive edge by a long, long way – shhhhh, don’t tell anybody!






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